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Congratulations On "VGLORY "325/95R24 TL 22PR On&Off Road

Feb. 02 2021

Congratulations On New Product "VGLORY "325/95R24 TL 22PR 

1, Standard Load 100%

2, Overload 150%

3, Heavyload 200%

The introduction of 325/95R24(Pattern:V861)

The tyres of 325/95R24( Pattern : V861) are mainly used for 2+8 (dump truck) and trailer trucks. And it can be driven on mixed pavement as well as paved pavement. When driving, the speed should less than 60Km/h. If driving one way, the heavy load should be less than 50Km, overload should be less than 180Km.

  At present, our tyres of 325/95R24(Pattern: V861) have three levels: standard,1N, and 2N. Firstly, the standard tyres of 325/95R24(Pattern: V861) are suitable for the North America and Argentina markets. Secondly, the 1N tyres of 325/95R24(Pattern: V861) are extremely applicable to most of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa regions, such as Dubai, Iraq, Malaysia, Tanzania, Yemen, Egypt. Thirdly, the 2N tyres of 325/95R24(Pattern: V861) are appropriate for North Africa (key Egypt area), Middle East part.

 In a conclusion, the tyres of 325/95R24(Pattern: V861) are suitable for all-wheel positions., have excellent overload performance, can reach 160%, even 200%. And the Pattern V861 of 325/95R24 looks beautiful, it is our distinctive pattern that can distinguish our tyres among all brands' tyres.

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