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Let Latin America See and Know Vglory

Jun. 25 2023

Let Latin America See and Know Vglory

After 4 years, the 2023 Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo was held at the Amador Convention Center in Panama from June 14th to 16th. Vglory presented at this exhibition with a  brand-new outlook. Following the Singapore Expo and Russia Expo, this Panama Expo is the third overseas professional tire exhibition that Vglory has participated in 2023, demonstrating Vglory's determination and confidence to further develop and expand overseas markets.

In this exhibition, we have received hundreds of overseas customers to consult, communicate and visit. In order to better serve new and regular customers and promote cooperation through more comprehensive and in-depth communication, our business personnel have made appointments with many customers in advance and prepared plans to meet the needs of a large quantity of customer reception. The customers received at our Vglory booth were mainly from Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela, etc. And a number of new customers have reached the intention of cooperation.

Vglory team members have shown superb business ability and excellent service attitude. Through friendly communication and high-quality service, they actively communicated with customers, introduce brand advantage and product features of Vglory brand, paid attention to customer demands, and timely put forward effective suggestions. Vglory team won the trust and praise from customers, made customers have great interest and recognition in the strategy development and superior products of Vglory brand.

Relying on the close cooperation and tacit understanding of our Vglory team, we carried forward the team spirit, helped each other, show our own talents, strove for excellence, carefully organized and arranged booth layout and product display, and provided customers with meticulous, thoughtful, professional, efficient and personalized services. All above demonstrated the brand image and strength of vglory, and successfully attracted the attention and praise of a large number of visitors.


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